VCST Mexico is top of the table

12 May, 2021

As you may know, one of the most important customers of our automotive plant in Mexico is Caterpillar. Our partnership goes back a long way and as such, VCST Mexico has always performed well in Caterpillar’s yearly SQEP awards, regularly winning the golden certification. For 2020, though, we have done even better and obtained the platinum certification, the highest possible.


No easy feat


Winning the platinum certification takes a lot of commitment and attention to detail to make sure that the highest standard is met consistently. In normal circumstances, this would be considered challenging, but because we have achieved it in a year such as 2020, we believe that everyone involved in the project deserves extra credit. After all, our plant in Leon was forced to shut down for nearly two months during the pandemic which obviously caused some backlog. Through dedication and committed willpower, however, we were able to catch up with the backlog and get things running in a short time span. Caterpillar was so impressed with the efforts that they sent a letter expressing their gratitude for the effort and support.

A special year with unique challenges


Normally, performing well for the SQEP awards is very challenging, particularly when you are competing for the highest certifications. On top of that, though, 2020 brought with it its own challenges. First there was – and still is – uncertainty around the delivery of raw materials and non-production goods (spare parts) as supply chains all over the world have been disrupted because of the covid crisis. Furthermore, there were also personal difficulties with our people. Indeed, everyone around the world has been affected by the covid-19 virus either directly or indirectly and our people were no exception. A big showing of recognition and gratitude, then, goes out to the HR department who have done a fantastic job in keeping the spirits high even during the most difficult times.

Considering those challenges, winning the highest certification in Caterpillar’s SQEP awards has led to a welcome boost in morale for everyone in our Mexican plant. Indeed, it has shown us once again that we are a well-oiled machine capable of reaching even the highest standards set by our clients. Our heartfelt thanks go out to everyone who has contributed to this success and all that remains for us to do is look forward to next year. Onwards and upwards!