Using Realwear glasses for trouble shooting

5 May, 2021

Last week, we told all about our Realwear glasses and how they’re helping us to work together across plants when international travel is not possible. This week, we’re tackling troubleshooting when colleagues in other plants use the glasses to call experts back in Belgium for help during the assembly or testing of a machine.


Helping out our Chinese colleagues


As you may know, our Chinese colleagues in Changzhou have expanded their plant last year and are now able to perform in-house heat treatment. The assembly of the machines for that process, however, was hampered by covid travel restrictions. Nevertheless, to keep working, our Chinese colleagues used the Realwear glasses together with FacePro technology to remain in contact with experts back in Belgium. Through this way, the assembly of the machines could carry on without losing too much time.

Naturally, troubleshooting via this way included some challenges. For instance, there was the time difference between Belgium and China which required highly efficient working to ensure that eventual problems were tackled as swiftly as possible. However, working with the Realwear glasses has also offered a number of advantages. Indeed, there is a short response time whenever questions or problems arise and it allows for a better use of resources as there is no need to factor in travel times from and to a plant in another country.

Our Belgian experts who remotely helped to set up machines in the China plant had the following to say about working with the Realwear glasses: “During the commissioning of the new machines in the China plant, we used the Realwear HMT-1 to watch online with the front-end user (the person in the plant wearing the camera). They can perform their tasks as normal because the Realwear is hands-free and operated with voice commands (eg zoom function). The front end user can also view drawings / manuals via a small screen in front of their eyes while performing actions. Furthermore, a lot of detail can be taken into account, both inside the machine and on the machine control panel and even reading documents. While viewing, the user can also take screenshots to view later or add in a report. Noise cancellation is an advantage to use in a noisy environment, such as a production hall.”

A useful tool for the future


It can be said, then, that working with Realwear glasses is something will be here to stay. Although the preparation time is longer, especially for trouble shooting, it allows for a more efficient and targeted way of working as there is definitely potential to combine remote working using Realwear glasses with colleagues being physically present on site. Also, by using the Realwear glasses and, thusly, letting people at a specific plant install machines themselves allows those people to get to know the machine better. That ultimately leads to smoother operations at our different plants.

At BMT, we fully understand the importance of technology and how it can help us to become even better and more efficient. By incorporating this new way of working, we have taken a new step in our journey to remain at the head of our field. As we speak, we are still looking for more ways to further incorporate the use of Realwear glasses. All this is done to ensure that we can keep moving forth!