Our EV transmissions

We proudly present our full eDrive line-up for a variety of vehicles. Ranging from the SUV C-car segment up to heavy-duty trucks. All ev transmissions make use of our zero-backlash technology which can be used as a shifting or disconnection system to prevent drag torque. They are available either in offset or coaxial arrangements.

Discover here our full eDrive portfolio!


Key factors

Multi-speed transmissions

A multi-speed transmission has some benefits compared with a 1-speed transmissions. When a 1-speed transmission is used, you always need to make a compromise between high torque and top speed, while a multi-speed transmission optimizes both at the same time.

Also 2 gear ratios allow e-machine operation in better efficiency areas

  • Reduced requirement for nmax
  • Reduced requirement for Torque


Shifting technology

Our E-shifting technology is based on a “zero-backlash” dog clutch (no DCT).

This system has some specific characteristics:

  1. Fast & smooth shifting
  2. No friction release/heat input during shifting events
  3. Neutral position
  4. Power upshifting capable
  5. Transmission delivered with its own shifting control unit (easy CAN communication)
  6. Different modes according “driver DNA”



The ev transmission is available in:

Off-set arrangements

Co-axial arrangements


Benefits of our unique shifting technology

Energy saving

Efficiency gains

Easy packaging

Cost attractive

Fast and smooth shifting


Our two-speed transmission can be used within sport cars, super cars & hyper cars all within a dual e-machine configuration.

Our 2-speed AMT can be used within heavy duty 40-tons (N3) with a dual e-machine configuration.

Currently a 4-speed AMT is under development for heavy duty.

Our two-speed transmission can be used within SUV in the C, D, E and F-segments. All with a single e-machine configuration.

Our ev transmission can be used within:

  • light-duty 3.5 tons (N1) with a single e-machine configuration
  • medium duty 7.5 tons (N2) with a dual e-machine configuration
  • medium duty 12 tons (N2) with a dual e-machine configuration