Within the BMT-group, VCST is a world-class automotive supplier of powertrain and brake components. Every day, our employees across three continents exceed expectations to support our customers.

We are the preferred partner for precision-machined powertrain and brake components for automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers. You can rely on us for the completion of your project. Our own patents and digital approach emphasize the innovative solutions we offer to meet your needs. As part of the worldwide BMT-group, VCST is independent of other automotive suppliers and your preferred partner for high-end solutions. We provide a unique combination of capabilities: design, development, prototyping, validation, production, heat treatment and the provision of spare parts that have a significant impact on overall vehicle performance.

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We manufacture gears and other mission critical components that have a significant impact on overall vehicle performance. Whether for truck or automotive purposes, we design, develop and manufacture complete integrated geartrains for timing and balancing functions of your engines. Our product range also covers other parts such as brake components.

Our hard teamwork is rewarded

A pandemic has changed our day-to-day lives and will leave a significant impact. However, in the face of this downturn, every member of the BMT Dri...

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Introducing MinErva: ready to propel us into the future

The last few years have shown us that the shift towards electrification in the automotive world is in full tilt. What’s more, the EV market seems t...

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Driving up the heat in our China plant

As many of our customers know, we are a full service provider. Every day, we strive and search for ways to further optimise the service and gears w...

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The future is electric

We are convinced of the growing need to invest in electrification. At the same time, we are very aware of the contribution we can make to this grow...

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Cooperation across plants at VCST

In order to ensure a smooth handling of Project Edison, an operator from Mexico, Manuel Ramirez, came to our plant in Sint-Truiden to learn about s...

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Smart Factory: using data to keep advancing

We, together with our consulting partner AdUltima, were given the opportunity to elaborate on Smart Factory in a recent webcast, organised by PTC, ...

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Process innovation

We have all the standard and traditional manufacturing processes in-house to produce high tech gears, from turning to grinding. In addition, we annually invest in the latest innovative processes and machines. Besides standard processes, we also offer advanced process technologies for soft machining, hard machining, finishing and heat treatment. We continuously invest in the most innovative solutions to optimize our processes.

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